Saturday, October 18, 2014

Climate change?

     Recently in New York, the UN along with some other dignitaries and heads of state, met to begin discussions on a global deal to be completed in 2015, in Paris. The meeting created an onslaught of people marching for climate change initiatives to help the earth, but there were also those going against the meeting.

     According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change who will meet again in
Copenhagen, Denmark next week, there are several key predictions that will occur in years to come, towards the end of the century.
     They predict with almost "100 percent probability" that there will be 1.) "Warmer and/or fewer cold days and nights over most land masses."and 2.)" Warmer and/or more frequent hot days and nights over most land masses."
     They also predict, in "90-100 percent very likely" 1.) "Warm spells/heat waves-frequency and/or duration increase over land masses, 2."Heavy Precipitation events..." and 3.) "Increased incidence and/or magnitude of extreme high sea level."

     Living an hour away from the coast, climate change to us in Houston means that the rise in sea-levels will progress faster than it is happening now. We will also have longer heat spells and more, heavy rain spells.
     However, the longer hot days also bring with it the high possibility of drought and dry spells in our state, as well as other areas of the country and the world.
     I can only surmise that this type of weather will also occur in Extremadura, without fear of sea-level rise. That is not to say it won't adversely affect them in one way or another.

Whatever side of the debate of climate change you are in,  here are some facts that are known to be true:
   1. Humans are putting way too much carbon emissions that pollute the clean air for healthy living.
   2. We are also producing too much waste that landfills can not support it.

 Even with all the government intervention and laws, it is up to all of us to do our part to

regulate greenhouse gases by limiting harmful pollutants in the air.

So what can we do, besides staying informed to reduce our carbon footprint?
Aside from being energy efficient, we can begin to help the environment with doing a few simple things.

1. Produce less garbage: Did you know that all the garbage in landfills produce methane, which is a very harmful greenhouse gas? Let's keep items such as paper, plastic, metal and glass in recycling centers and out of landfills. Carry your families groceries in your own bags to limit the use of plastic ones.
Compost more of your meals to keep out of landfills or take your organic waste to someone who has a garden or our school's garden.

2.  Eat more plant based foods: About 18% of emissions come from diary and meat production."Meatless Monday": All of us could have one day to eat meatless meals to stop less emissions being produced. Alternatively, eat one meatless meal a day.  Grow your own or buy locally. Eat more organic meals and less processed foods.

     And speaking of plants, start a garden or help someone start a garden. Continue to plant more trees.

If we live simply, we create less things that we need to throw away. We will be taking care of ourselves and taking care of the earth at the same time.

Raquel Aguilar


  1. Morgan Parker:
    The climate change in Houston raises a red flag because of the long heat spells that could cause a drought. The last drought we had in Houston was very difficult to get through not only for us, but for our plants because we had to reduce the use of water. Adding the heat and humidity we already have to the long heat spells that may be on their way is concerning. The risk of climate changes and what they might do to Extremadura is also concerning.
    The fact that we are damaging the planet for our future is a wake up call because there are so many simple things we can do to preserve it. I know that I will be using my own bags at the grocery store, I will use the food my family doesn't eat in my garden as compost, and I will recommend the "Meatless Monday" idea to my family. Hopefully if everyone contributes to help preserve the world, we will be able to save it from all the damaging things we have already done.

  2. -Hugh Hoang-
    Me siento como si no hacemos algo para detener el calentamiento global, los días se calientan un poco todos los días hasta que el calor es insoportable. Hay personas que están contribuyendo al calentamiento global y algunos contribuyen a detenerlo y ha habido más ideas sobre eficiencia energética cosas. Muchas personas han dejado de preocuparse por la Tierra, pero hay gente que hace cosas sencillas como reciclar o. Calentamiento Global no va a desaparecer a menos que hagamos algo al respecto y hemos enfrentado las consecuencias. Demasiado emisiones de carbono tanto están haciendo la Tierra más contaminado, el aire más difícil respirar, cambios climáticos. Cada año las emisiones de carbono aumentan y también lo hacen nuestros desechos y están afectando a todo el mundo en todo el mundo, tenemos que actuar antes de que el daño es permanente.

  3. Jake Poythress:
    I agree with the fact that we should be reserving more resources, like using your own grocery bag, and recycling more, but i disagree with some of the accusations in your post. there have been many cases in which scientists fake their data about climate change just to get more money from the government including, including some scientists who made a graph that showed the temperature going up.
    Actually scientist found that the amount of ice in Antarctica was rising dramatically. Also not that long ago a ton more penguins were found traveling over the icy tundra of Antarctica. On the other hand i still agree with you about reserving resources because we never know when we could run out. So i will recommend to save recourses to my family.