This project was created to include historical, cultural and language opportunities for both students from Houston, Texas and students from Extremadura, Spain.

      This project includes but is not limited to:

A) Pen pals/E-friends:
Students will an opportunity to participate in a pen-pal/e-friends project with students in Villafranca de Los Barros, and other schools in Extremadura, as a way to enhance their foreign language skills, build intercultural understandings and form friendships. Students may also opt to enroll in a tour through this area of Spain and to meet their pen-pals at their schools. They will also participate in an activity or two with their pen-pals.
B) Service projects:
         On tour, students will also be involved in sustainable gardening practices, and tree-planting at Colegio Jesuitas San José, Villafranca de los Barros. 

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