Saturday, November 5, 2016


       Lately, some important news in the US, has been about the Standing Sioux Tribe and their protest  that began months ago. The Native peoples are trying to block the Dakota Access Pipeline project that when completed, will transfer crude oil to other major US markets to support domestic demand. Their primary reason for the protest had been foremost that the oil company has ignored consulting with them since it is their land and therefore in clear infringement of their sovereign rights. Their legal team has filed and asserted that these rights were not followed and also that the Tribe was not included as partners in the historical surveying the land.

       One of the important and noteworthy reasons that the Sioux do not want the line to go through their land is because the authorities missed major archeological finds in the path of the pipeline. One discovery is in regards to a large stone that has a feature that depicts Iyokaptan Tanka, or the Big Dipper, which is indicative that a major leader or a highly respected Chief was buried nearby. The Big Dipper are the seven brightest stars that make up the constellation Ursa Major or 'Great Bear'. This sacred site is a significant archeological find in North Dakota that has not happened in many years. It is believed that to find a leader buried in the Big Dipper cup, means the Chief was someone of great importance.

       The other reason the Sioux and other Native Nations are protesting is that the pipeline is in violation of The Clean Water Act. The Sioux allege that the pipeline’s environmental outcome can be detrimental if the pipe ruptures spilling oil and other toxins into their main water source. 

       Native Americans are the first true environmentalists of our country. Even to this day, they protect our Mother Earth. By protecting the water and air, the Native Peoples continue to honor and respect the land they live on. Clean water is important. Water is life!
       The injustices while the native peoples protest, have been recorded daily and witnessed by many in the US and all over the world. The Standing Sioux Tribe has had a large following through social media as the construction of the pipeline continues.

       As the entire world is watching, will the world unite to stop these injustices and halt the construction of the pipeline in that area of North Dakota?
  We can only hope.  

Dave Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Sioux Tribe at the UN in September
       Next week the UN’s Conference of Parties , or COP22 on Climate Change begins in Marrakesh, Marrakech Morocco - November 7-18, 2016. The countries that signed the climate change agreement in Paris will be put to a test. Are they honoring their commitment? The world will be watching.

       As we all know, fossil fuels such as oil harm the environment through locating, moving and by its production. Oil spills harm animals and affect plants, as well as humans. We cannot neglect that oil production and its uses also add toxic emissions into the air.

       Additionally, just in time for the conference is the movie BEFORE THE FLOOD, which may be seen in its entirety for free, in this link from National Geographic:

       The following link shows realtime world environmental data. 
Check it out: Environmental Clock 

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  1. It surprises me that the Dakota Access Pipeline project was started in the first place. I don't understand how the company that is enforcing this project was able to start it; wouldn't the Sioux people interfere? It is very wrong of this company to construct a pipeline through controlled territory like this. The least that they could do is build the pipeline away from the Sioux's main source of fresh water. If their water is contaminated, the tribe will be forced to relocate due to lack of water. I thought that it was illegal to begin "construction" on one's land, but I guess not. It's horrible that this company is doing this and that they didn't talk with the Sioux tribe beforehand. I hope that this Dakota Access Pipeline project is legally put to an end.